The future is always a riddle casting upon humanity. To shape the future, we aim to bring together riddle solvers.

Started in 2017, Founders Base (Ireland) Limited is an innovative investment and consulting company with a key focus on shaping the future with the power of finance and technology. Our partnerships with major financial institutions, technology companies and top tier universities across the globe have enabled us to provide all resources that are needed by our clients.

We create value by identifying business challenges and delivering effective solutions. All innovators, thought leaders, and auctioneers are welcome to join our team and share our vision with more people.

Founders Base (Ireland) Limited is shortlisted for Invest in Ireland Awards 2018 and has teamed up with many institutions to deliver the true value of finance to greater public.

Shortlisted for


Founders Base (Ireland) Limited is registered in Ireland under registration number 602299.

Registered Office: 32 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4



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