Travel Operations Manager

This is not like anything you’ve seen before.


The Role


You’ll be working in a startup environment but you’ll be paid top-tier salary with maximum expense allowance permitted by law. You’ll be paid top-tier salary with maximum expense allowance permitted by law. You’ll receive salary increase of up to 150% every year depending on your performance. You’ll enjoy free stay in our hotels and hotels we work with. You’ll get free flights from Airlines we partner with, free drinks from pubs and distilleries we own, free food from our canteen, and free (and most authentic) traditional Chinese acupuncture and massage treatment.


You’ll be reporting to the Managing Director and take on responsibilities to set up a new travel agency operation within the company. You’ll be starting from scratch and hand pick a team that will revolutionise the travel industry. You are free to take on other roles arising from the growing business. Or if you feel like starting your own company, we’ll provide you with funding and other relevant resources.


Wonder why? Because Founders Base was founded to help realise dreams and back brave thoughts. All shareholders in Founders Base have given up their dividends right so all profits from the business are being used to fund good causes. Anyone willing to take part in this model is welcome to become our partner.


Ideal Candidate


  • You are a travel fanatic who knows every inch of Ireland and you are desperate to challenge conventional travel routes and craft a whole new level of Irish travel experience.

  • You have a sharp sense of how the market and the industry is evolving, and can take actions before trends emerging.

  • You have minimum 3+ years working experience in travel industry or in a similar context.

  • You are comfortable working towards abstract objectives and you’ll be expected to find answers to a lot of questions by yourself.

  • You are a self-starter and quick learner. You’ll need to constantly and independently think how you can add value to the team.

  • You must have a high level of self-awareness. Proficiency in searching engine technics is a must.



​Depending On Experience

Job Type

Permanent Full-Time

Other Benefits

Health Insurance, Travel Allowance, up to 50% Annual Bonus, Flexible Working Hours, CPD, and much more.


Refer A Friend

Not quite your style? We offer €2,000 cash prize if a friend you refer gets this job.



To apply, please email your CV, cover letter and two reference letters to

Founders Base (Ireland) Limited is registered in Ireland under registration number 602299.

Registered Office: 32 Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4



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